Single page app hosting, built for front-end devs

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Complements the modern front-end toolbelt


Purpose-built for single page applications

Aerobatic was designed from the ground-up specifically for developing and hosting single page apps. Everything you need as a front-end developer including SEO, command line deployment, API key management, Grunt/Gulp integration, and more come right out of the box. Let Aerobatic handle the plumbing so you can focus on building great apps.

Optimized for performance by default

Your assets are served minified, gzipped, and with aggressive cache headers via a worldwide CDN. Achieve high page speed marks from day one that your users will appreciate.

API Integration

APIs are the lifeblood of single page apps. Use the Aerobatic proxy to invoke non CORS enabled services or to inject API keys rather than exposing them to the browser. Cache API responses for more predictable response times. Backend not ready yet? Upload your specs and the proxy will return mock responses so you don't have to slow down.

Developer friendly tooling

Grunt and Gulp plugins that integrate cleanly into a streamlined modern workflow. Deploy a new version to production with just a few keystrokes. Wire up to your CI server for continuous delivery.

Take advantage of the modern web

Rich interactivity of a single page app with the discoverability and reach of the web. Custom SSL domains, automated SEO snapshots, and HTML5 pushState all included.

Work as a Team

Aerobatic Organizations makes it easy for teams to collaborate and build apps together. Manage all your apps in one place. Share common APIs and configuration across multiple apps.

Built-in Security

Authenticate users with OAuth. Enforce SSL with the click of a box. Keep sensitive keys on the server and out of your JavaScript.

Split test like a pro

Not sure how users will react to your app’s latest version? Aerobatic Traffic Control Rules let's you split your traffic with a simple slider and monitor the results in real-time. Or mitigate risk by soft launching new versions to a small portion of users.

Goodbye test environment

With Aerobatic’s simulator mode, run your front-end changes locally, and the rest of your app in the cloud. Test changes in a fully integrated environment that exactly emulates production. Let stakeholders preview and approve new versions via private URL before flipping the switch to release into the wild.

Use the libraries you love

Aerobatic is a platform, not a framework. Build your app with AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, Bootstrap, jQuery, and whatever next best thing comes along. We're not out to re-invent the wheel, just provide a smoother surface to roll on.

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