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See how easy it is to deploy a site with one of these popular frameworks:

  • HTML
  • Jekyll
  • Hugo
  • Hexo
  • React
  • Yeoman


Global distribution


Each deployment is replicated to multipe AWS regions and fronted by the CloudFront CDN with nodes around the world. Give all your visitors a fast experience, no matter where they're at.Learn more →

Secure by default


All padlocks, all the time. SSL is mandatory and we automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS. Beef up security further with optional OWASP recommended headers.Learn more →

Deploy like a Pro


It's as simple as "aero deploy" and your site updates are live to the world in moments. Harness deploy stages to run test instances on unique sub-domains. Keep your team and client in the loop with email and Slack alerts.Learn more →

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Deployment

Easily integrate Aerobatic into your build pipeline using the Aerobatic CLI. Automatically deploy to various stages each time you push to your source repo.Learn more →

Go further with Plugins


Plugins are server modules declared in your aerobatic.yml file that enhance the capabilities of your static site. Redirects, password protection, form submissions, http proxy, custom errors, just to name a few.Learn more →

Little things Done Right


Cache headers, pretty URLs, trailing slashes, gzip compression, HTTP/2, enforcing SSL — there's a lot of details to get right. Let us take care of the minutiae so you can focus on great websites.Learn more →

Two Ways to Interface



The CLI provides commands for all website operations including creating new sites, deploying sites, provisioning a custom domain, setting environment variables, and more. You can even tail your web logs with the logs command.Learn more →


Web Dashboard

Our web dashboard provides a visual interface for managing deployments, team members, and more. It's valuable for developers and non-developers alike. Soon we'll be rolling out new features for visualizing logs and key website metrics.Login to dashboard →

We use Aerobatic to automate deployments, it is by far the best tool I've come across to deploy static websites!

Michael Schramm, CTO, MYMARKET.IO


We encourage developers to try the free plan and experience all Aerobatic has to offer risk free. When you're ready to add your own domain and go to production, upgrade to the Pro Plan. If you have any questions about the Aerobatic platform, or are looking for specific new features, please let us know!

Free Plan

Kick the tires to get a sense for how Aerobatic works.

  • Unlimited deployments to
  • Global CDN
  • Aerobatic CLI + Dashboard
  • Use of all plugins
  • Deploy stages
  • 10GB / day data transfer out

Pro Plan

For when you're ready to go live.



/ mo
  • All free plan features plus:
  • Use your own domain name
  • Wildcard SSL for your custom domain
  • 500 GB / month data transfer out
  • Priority support