Announcing the Auth0 plugin

February 19, 2018

We are excited to announce availability of our auth0 plugin. It provides a full identity management solution for your static website hosted on Aerobatic. Now you can power membership based sites with your Auth0 account and just a few lines of configuration.

The plugin docs has a detailed walkthrough for how to get started. We also have a demo site with source code that should be helpful.

The basic steps to get up and running are:

  1. Create Auth0 account
  2. Configure Auth0 client and connection
  3. Set the allowed URLs on the Auth0 client
  4. Declare the auth0 plugin in your aerobatic.yml using your Auth0 tenant, client ID, and client secret
  5. Deploy your website
  - name: auth0
    path: /members
      clientId: $AUTH0_CLIENT_ID
      clientSecret: $AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET
      tenant: auth0-tenant-name

You can configure the plugin to require authentication for your entire website or a specific sub-directory. This allows you to have a publicly accessible homepage with a link to register or login. The demo site takes this approach. When a user attempts to navigate to the protected part of the site, they will be redirected to the hosted Auth0 login screen.

You can configure login using username/password or 3rd party identity providers (including Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many more) or both. We also make the logged-in user context available to your own code so you can display their name and picture if you choose. The demo site has an example of this.

Head on over to the official plugin documentation for a full walkthrough on how to enable identity management for your Aerobatic static site.