Deploy a Roots Static Site to Bitbucket

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

Roots is a static site generator that’s sponsored by the digital agency, Carrot Creative. Whereas Jekyll is built with Ruby and Hugo is built with Go, Roots is built with NodeJS and comes with support for the Jade template engine out of the box.

In this post, we’ll show you how to build your first Roots static site and deploy it to Aerobatic using Bitbucket.

1) Install roots

{% highlight bash linenos %} npm i roots -g {% endhighlight %}

2) Create new project

Replace roots-demo with whatever you want to call your project. The

{% highlight bash linenos %} roots new roots-demo {% endhighlight %}

3) Build your site

{% highlight bash linenos %} cd roots-demo roots watch {% endhighlight %}

Your site will now be live at http://localhost:1111/ and your site’s directory structure will look something like:

Screenshot of roots directory structure

4) Add repo to Bitbucket

Before pushing your site to Bitbucket, you’ll first need to comment out or remove public from your .gitignore file. This is where your compiled assets are.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and push this repo to Bitbucket either from the command line or using a tool like Sourcetree.

5) Deploy site to Aerobatic

Assuming you’ve already installed the Aerobatic add-on for Bitbucket, go ahead and link your Roots repo to Aerobatic like so:

Screenshot of deploying a roots site to Aerobatic


Your first roots site is now live. From here, you can add a custom domain and SSL cert with Aerobatic. If you want to dig into some of the more advanced features of roots, you can go through the roots documentation.