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Multi-site JavaScript apps using wildcard sub-domains

Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017

When you bind your Aerobatic website to a custom domain (Pro Plan required), you can enter an asterisk in the sub-domain field. This acts as a wildcard meaning that any sub-domain will resolve to the same physical website.

For a standard static HTML content site, this is generally frowned upon as it introduces duplicate content for search engines. However it opens up some interesting possibilities for JavaScript apps that dynamically generate the page on the client.

Imagine an HTML5 gaming site at the fictional domain aerogames.play. This technique would allow each game to run on a different sub-domain such as:

  • https://tictactoe.aerogames.play
  • https://chess.aerogames.play
  • https://poker.aerogames.play

From the static web serving perspective, each of these URLs is the exact same code — probably just a minimal HTML shim and a JavaScript bundle. The client script is responsible for examining the window.location.hostname and loading the correct game into the DOM. Even though it renders to the end user as distinct experiences, it’s all the same physical site, so you only pay for a single Aerobatic subscription.

DNS Settings

In your DNS console you’ll need to either setup a separate CNAME for each game tictactoe, chess, etc., or even better, create a single wildcard CNAME. The advantages of the wildcard become even more apparent when deploying to a non-production stage such as preview. That will make the app available at these URLs:

  • https://tictactoe--preview.aerogames.play
  • https://chess--preview.aerogames.play
  • https://poker--preview.aerogames.play

You get all this flexibility with only a single website to maintain and deploy. Pretty cool, right? 😁

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