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Getting Started

Aerobatic is a static website hosting platform, used by thousands of developers to host websites built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - including output from static site generators, and modern Single Page Apps (SPAs).

To have your website live and served from our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) in seconds:

1. Install the aerobatic-cli from npm:

[$] npm install aerobatic-cli -g

If you don’t already have Node.js installed, you can get it download it from here.

2. Create an Aerobatic account:

Register at https://dashboard.aerobatic.com/dashboard

3. Deploy your first website:

[$] mkdir aerobatic-test-website
[$] cd aerobatic-test-website
[$] echo "<html>First Aerobatic Website</html>" > index.html
[$] aero create -n your-site-name
[$] aero deploy

In less than 30 seconds your website will be deployed to an https URL on our global CDN.

If you want to try out a slightly more realistic example, try creating a website from a template such as this one from HTML5 Up. This command will automatically create a new directory with the downloaded files.

[$] aero create --source https://html5up.net/editorial/download

Next Steps

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  • If you are using a CI service, find out how to configure your automated build to deploy to Aerobatic with each git push. Learn more →
  • Upgrade to the Pro plan for increased data transfer limits and a custom domain + matching SSL cert. Learn more →