Webpage Plugin

The webpage plugin is the core plugin for serving up an HTML webpage. You don't have to explicitly declare this plugin, one will be created automatically if omitted. However by declaring it in your plugins array of aerobatic.yml, there are some additional options that you can control.

The webpage plugin should be declared at the end of the plugins array so that other plugins (such as password-protect) first have a chance to act on the request.


  - name: webpage
      canonicalRedirects: true
      pushState: true



If true, returns the index.html file no matter the request URL path. Valuable for single page applications where view routing is handled by a client JavaScript framework such as React, Angular, and Ember. Defaults to false.


If true, performs a 301 redirect to the canonical extension-less, all lower-case form of the URL. The table below illustrates sample redirection behavior. Defaults to true.

Request URLDestination

If you explicitly set canonicalRedirects to false Aerobatic will serve the same page for requests to /about and /about.html. If you are concerned about duplicate content, you could utilize the <link rel="canonical"> tag.