What's New

Here's a running list of the latest new features and enhancements. Have an idea? Let us know at support@aerobatic.com.

Dec 8, 2018

  • Released client IP ranges, a new way to specify access control based on the client's IPv4 and/or IPv6 ranges.

Nov 15, 2018

  • Announcing our i18n plugin that enabled you to redirect your website visitors to an alternative locale specific URL based on their language or country of origin.

May 21, 2018

May 3, 2018

  • Announcing authorized plugina new plugin that builds upon the Auth0 plugin with the ability to enforce fine grained roled based authorization to sections of your site.

Feb 24, 2018

Feb 8, 2018

  • New blog post detailing how we recently transitioned our static site hosting infrastructure to AWS serverless.

Jan 26, 2018

  • Custom domain validation is now accomplished by creating a CNAME record with your DNS provider rather than clicking a link in an email sent to the domain addresses. This eliminates a major source of friction when registering custom domains with Aerobatic.

July 3, 2017

  • New blog post demonstrating how to implement a Slack team invite form on your website.

June 23, 2017

  • Announcing our new Organization pricing plan geared towards digital agencies developer teams. Every new site automatically available as a sub-domain on your organizations root domain.

June 2, 2017

  • By popular demand the password-protect plugin now supports the ability to configure a username in addition to a password. You can also declare a list of up to 10 username/password credential pairs.

May 30, 2017

  • Announcing the new Aerobatic theme gallery makes it super simple to kickstart your next Hugo, Jekyll, or vanilla HTML5 site from a pre-packaged theme or template. Just pass the --theme option to the aero create command. For example: aero create jekyll/freelancer.
  • Now you can tack the query parameter __preview to any Aerobatic site URL to launch the site in a special device viewer that let's you toggle between desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Read more.

May 5, 2017

  • The new keyword-search plugin is now available. All Aerobatic sites can now offer full text search of site content without reliance on any external services. You can provide a custom search results template for a fully integrated user experience.

Apr 24, 2017

  • Announcing the new metrics section in the Aerobatic dashboard for gleaning insights into the traffic on your website including: visits, page views, top pages, visitor locations, traffic source, and more.

Apr 4, 2017

  • Announcing the new form-submit-plugin for collecting HTML form submissions from your Aerobatic websites! All forms are protected from bots by Google reCAPTCHA. Submissions can be viewed in the dashboard and also forwarded via email and webhook. One less reason for you to need a PHP or other active server backend for your website.
  • New blog post demonstrating how to connect the form-submit plugin to a Google spreadsheet using Zapier.

Mar 24, 2017

  • We now support email or Slack deploy alerts that you configure in your aerobatic.yml file. You can even specify different alerts based on the deploy stage that was updated. Great way for agencies to automatically notify clients when changes are made.

Mar 15, 2017

Mar 13, 2017

  • You can now pass a -f or --format option to the aero logs command to see the raw JSON weblog entries in their entirety. There is also an additional proxyUrl property in the log entry for requests that are handled by the http-proxy plugin. This is useful when diagnosing exactly what URL Aerobatic is requesting behind the scenes. The plugin troubleshooting section has more details.

Mar 6, 2017

  • You can now pass a -n or --name option to the aero create CLI command to control the website name at time of creation.
  • Deployments using the aero deploy CLI command are now up to 150% faster due to a new S3 key naming scheme that allows for faster uploads.

Feb 10, 2017

Feb 8, 2017

Feb 1, 2017

  • Introduced new password-protect plugin, a simple and effective way to protect all or parts of your website with a password.
  • New client-config plugin for exposing config settings to your client JavaScript.

Jan 26, 2017

  • Aerobatic relaunches as a standalone CLI and dashboard. Now you can deploy your website right from your local terminal or from any CI service build script.